Concept of Rhinoplasty
Concept of Rhinoplasty

The concept of nose job is not new since 1913 when the first reported case of nose modification was there. At that time the patient was given a mould to wear all the time and in due course the nose shaped was slightly changed.
Then came the concept of taking out the part and rhinoplasty at that time in eighties was mainly butury with surgeon doing closed rhinoplasty and breaking and taking out in pieces and then trying to mould with splints. The results were very unpredictable and the patient who mainly had functional problem of breathing were getting it done.
Then came the era of open rhinoplasty about a decade ago when surgeon began to do open procedure and the used to do surgery . Initially the concept of taking out the defective part then came the era of modifying the defect either with suture or adding cartilage
Now is the time of open rhinoplasty with use of cartilage and sutures
Now the results are much more predictable then before.
The patients are undergoing rhinoplasty for pure cosmetic purpose and result can be achieved desirably.
With use of software like cresalix patient can sit with the surgeon in office and aee their result before the procedure

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