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Blepharoplasty (Eye Bag surgery)

Blepharoplasty (Eye Bag surgery)

Also called blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery is performed to improve the appearance of the eyelids. It can be done either on upper lids, lower lids or both.

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    Eye is the most delicate part of the human body. It is because of the eye we are able the admire our surroundings. The nature has provided the protection for it. It is placed inside the socket covered by the eyelids which contain the most active muscle orbiculares and elevator. Inside these muscle is the septum which protects the content of the orbit to come out. Inside the septum is the fat which provide cushioning the eyeball.
    With age the skin get lax, muscles get less toned and the septum all get lax. The orbital fat is bulged out to give a very unsightly appearance. These are called eybags which are projecting just below the lower eyelids.


    Non surgical: the eyeballs can be managed non surgically initially by adding fillers just below the bulge so that the contours appear smoothened. These can be done in patient who has minimal bulge.

    Surgical: it is ideal way of treating the eyebags. Approach: the fat is approached through either a subciliary incision I.e is just below the eyelash on the skin and the other method is transconjuctival in this the incision is given inside of the eyelid.

    Procedure: in the procedure the fat and the septum is taken out and small amount is transposed over the infraorbital rim to give a smooth contour and if needed the extra skin is also taken out.sometimes the lower eyelid muscles are very laxed so we need to do canthoplasty I.e is tightening of the lateral cants in order to avoid the ectropion.

    Time: the procedure requires about 1 hr

    Anaesthesia : it can be done by local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia It is a Day care procedure

    Complication: it is a very safe procedure but sometimes bleeding can occur and chances of ectropion is there.

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