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Nose Reduction Surgery

A reduction rhinoplasty is an aesthetic surgery which involves reducing the size of the nose. There are two types of reduction rhinoplasty: 1) The surgeon will reduce the overall size of your nose ; 2) The surgery only concentrates on the size of specific areas such as the nasal tip or a bump on the bridge of the nose.

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    Nose Reduction surgery also called nose job for wide noses or high projecting noses. As we all know the nose in the center part of the face and nose shape is dependent on the ethnic race of the individual. If we see that noses of both African are wide at the nasal base and they have flared up nostril. These are normal for those races and it is not considered wide in any definition. If we see people from Arabian continent they have big projecting nose which is normal for their region . What I meant to say that whenever we are dealing in rhinoplasty or nose job we have to consider the patient ethnic region. We cannot or we should not make the nose as we desire but should be according to the ethnic culture of the patients. The patients should be discussed about the procedure and details of the steps has to be explained to him/her and patient should be explained what is right and wrong in his demand for nose surgery. They might not imagine what they are asking but it is our duty as a Rhinoplasty surgeon to explain to them and if possible show them the result on software.


    Now coming to India where my practice is situated we have average size nose. If there is wide flared nostril then the patient request is genuine and what we see that if the width of nostril is more than the intercanthal distance then definite reduction is required and also the width of nasal dorsum width is more than 80% of the intercanthal distance than osteotomy is required to narrow the dorsum. Sometime we see that there is pseudo broadening go the dorsum is there , what it means is the height of the dorsum of nose is very less so that it gives the appearance of wide nasal dorsum so in planning everything is considered before the surgery.

    If alar reduction is required then it can be done under local anesthesia or general anesthesia depending on the patient’s or surgeon’s choice. There marking is done. Normally two types of procedure is done for the alar reduction one hockey stick incision in which the long limb goes in the vestibule region and scar is minimal on the skin area. The other is elliptical U incision in the goes on the outer surface of aloe upto the area of alar crease which is hidden. The width of the skin excision is decided on the basis of alar flaring. Even while doing so we must take care that the incision should not cross the junction margin and should be at least 1 mm away from the alar crease otherwise it gives a very artificial-looking nostril.


    In dorsum we have two things when we talk of reduction one is height and the other is the width. What we must see the ration of length and height which should be around 0.5 to 0.6
    Most of these patients have hump which needs correction and the technique we should follow for hump correction is the incremental reduction of hump by open rhinoplasty technique for this gives the best result.
    Dr. Swaroop Singh Gambhir Board-certified Rhinoplasty surgeon is teaching this incremental reduction technique to his students.

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