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Facial Fractures

Facial fractures are broken bones in the face. This kind of a fracture can involve bones of the upper jaw, lower jaw, cheeks, and nose or eye sockets. A closed fracture is one in which the skin is not broken. An open or compound fracture involves laceration of the skin

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    Facial fractures, caused due to accidents, fall, assaults or even gunshots injuries and wounds, are carefully examined and treated at Dr. S.S. Gambhir Clinic. Medical professionals and radiologists at Dr. S.S. Gambhir Clinic possess more than years experience and high qualification degree from reputed institute. Further, they are specialized in treating such cases with precision.


    Facial fracture or other orthopedic fracture is examined with immense care through digital radiography machines. X-ray and CT scan machines as engaged by us are based on smart technology.
    Every minor and/or major facial fracture is diagnosed easily and quickly.


    In case of major dislocation, POP plaster is a mandatory treatment. The plaster is removed upon prognosis of the doctors as decided upon size and area of fracture.
    However, for drastic deformations, like that of orbital (eye-socket) deformation we appoint highly experienced orthopedic surgeons to pass the surgery to fix it.
    We are a certified clinic for fractures repair and we are specialized in treating –

    • Mandibular Fracture – Jawline fracture
    • Maxillary Fracture – Midface fracture
    • Nasal Fracture – Nose fracture
    • Zygomatic Fracture – Cheekbone fracture
    • Orbital Fracture – Eye – socket fracture and others
    facial fracture


    As the vehicles are becoming more and more faster because of that speed the facial injuries are becoming more and more severe.
    Initially we were just seeing simple fractures of the face no because of the increase in vehicle speed the injury is becoming more and more serious and complicated.
    Whenever we see a patient of facial fractures we have to look carefully for few things like neurological injuries of the brain injury the patient has orbital injury of the eye injury and last for important is the area we have to look for is breathing as the blood goes into the airway and if everything normally these are the things that we have to look for in patients of facial fractures.
    We will discuss common facial fractures:-

    • Mandibular fracture
    • Maxillary fracture
    • Orbital fracture
    • Nasal bone fracture
      The fractures can be e in isolated of individual bones for most of the time they are complex involving multiple bones- 

    WHY Dr. S.S. Gambhir?

    We follow step-wise procedure for treatment. Every tests – X-ray, CT scan (if required), and diagnostic tests are conducted under guidance of senior supervisor. Each report is being discussed specifically among the team of orthopedic consultants and surgeons.

    • We offer both non-surgical and surgical procedure for curing the deformations.
    • Prognosis, as drawn by our doctors and surgeons, are always accurate for recovery.
    • We offer tall facilities for emergency arrivals and emergency tests are conducted at priority based.
    facial fracture


    Mandible is the only mobile bone in the face. It is important for mastication, for speech and for the lower jaw line on the face.
    It is a very long bone and most of the time the fractures are double or opposite to each other. The various type of fracture at we have to look forward in mandible is at the midline ,parasymphyseal, angular, body ,subcondylar and condylar fractures. The important function of manual is mastication speech and contour of lower face.
    The main key point in the management of fracture mandible is that it has to be e made into occlusion with the upper upper jaw show the treatment always involves intermaxillary fixation and if required plating of the mandible bone which plates most of the time we use titanium plates.


    Nose is the most prominent part of the face so whenever the injury occurs at the due to the direct object hitting the face or the patient following the nose gets hit first.
    Diesel engineers can be divided into soft tissue injury, nasal bone fracture, nasoseptal injuries, and naso ethmoidal injury
    Nasal bone fracture can be simple, complex and communitted.


    Treatment in walls depending on the type of injury if it is simple soft tissue injury then repair in a normal anatomical position is done.
    If it is simple nasal bone fracture then closed reduction and fixation is done
    In case of compound communited fracture then reduction and fixation with microplates is done.


    The seven bones that forms the orbit and they surround the eye ball completely and protected from the injury.
    Most common injury that occur to the orbit is the fracture and the floor of the orbit.
    This fracture causes decrease movement of the eye because of the entrapment of the muscle and also there is increase in the volume of the orbit so the eye goes inside causing enophthalmos.

    To prevent this problem early management of the orbital structure should be done.
    Once the diagnosis is made about the after fracture we do to exposure of the orbital floor and reconstruction of the orbital rim by plating and reconstruction of the floor by by the titanium implant.


    Maxillary fractures for the upper jaw fracture is divided into unilateral bilateral in the form of le fort 1 , le fort 2 and lefort 3 fracture and also then can be variants of these.
    Then we have to look for split palatal fracture.


    Principle of treatment of upper jaw fracture is same as lower jaw to come into occlusion
    This is done by intermaxillary fixation first followed by plating of the fractured bones.


    We provide premium quality facilities and services for which fees and charges are still cost-to-pocket.

    facial fracture
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