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Full Facelift Surgery New Delhi

A facelift (also known as a rhytidectomy) is a cosmetic procedure designed to remove excess fat, tighten facial muscles, and stretch facial skin for a smoother, younger appearance.

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    Most of the time general anesthesia is preferred but can be done under local anesthesia with sedation Type of incision and procedure In a typical facial lift surgery, the surgeon begins by making an incision within the hairline just above the ear. The incision continues down along the front edge of the ear, around the earlobe, and then up and behind the ear extending back into the hairline. The location of this incision is designed to hide any sign of theprocedure later. This is repeated on the other side of the face. The surgeon raise the skin in subcutaneous plane upto the cheek(nasolabial area), below the chin and neck . the smas muscle is also tightened and fixed in new position Medication and things to avoid medications that can alter the way their blood clots including female hormones, aspirin, and some non-aspirin pain.


    Ageing signs may be countered and facial appearance may be greatly improved by a cosmetic procedure called face lift surgery. The procedure includes surgical re-positioning of some skin tissues and muscle tissues in the areas of neck and face. The procedure improves the skin that has sagged or loosened due to gravity with age. Face lift surgery offer little benefit to the wrinkles present around eyes and mouth. Entire face correction may require a series of procedures including dermabrasion, chemical peel or blepharoplasty.




    Immediate post op the pressure bandage is given and antibiotics are given both intraop and in post op period to avoid any infection. Patient is kept in the recovery room for few hrs to check for any bleeding. Patient to be discharged after 24 hrs preferable but if done under local can be discharged on the same day. Ice packs for the first few days can help to reduce swelling and lower the risk of hematoma. Patients continue taking an antibiotic until the first stitches come out about 5 days after the procedure. The balance are removed 7-10 days later. Many patients return to work and limited activities within two weeks of the procedure.


    Hematoma is one of the major skin complications that may follow face lift procedure. The condition may be rectified only after the patient’s stiches are reopened and the source of bleeding is found. Most often hematomas are formed within 48 hours after the surgery. The conditions may be recognized by typical signs of pain or swelling only in one side the face. Nerve damage is still another risk factor entailing face lift surgeries. Nerve damage may distort the patient’s smile, limit the ability to raise an eyebrow, reduce the feeling in earlobe. However, most nerve injuries heal within two to six months. Bruising and swelling to some extent is normal after face lift surgeries. Still some other complications that follow the procedure include hair loss near incisions, scarring, and infection.


    The patient are back to work after about 10-14 days.swelling may be persisting by that time for complete swelling to go takes about 6-8 weeks Mid face lift(SOOF lift) Primary goal: Elevation and tightening of the soft tissues (fat, muscle) of the cheek this result in decrease of the nasolabial fold and also decrease the hollowness of the tear trough area and improve the malar bag area.

    Swelling and bruising should be expected and may be aggravated in some cases. Swelling may last up to three months due to subperiosteal dissections.


    As compared to the “classical” face lift (tissuesare pulled more towards the ear) midface lift offers near to natural look. The procedure includes lifting of the cheek upwards. This corrects the cheeks that have sagged due to gravity restoring a youthful contour. The procedure improves the midface without affecting the jowls.


    (A related but less aggressive procedure directed primarily at repositioning a single smaller fat pad of the upper cheek rather than the entire midface) is a helpful addition to the blepharoplasty .


    There are threads available to suspend the midface with open surgical procedure. Neck lift A neck lift or ‘platysmaplasty’ is often preferred over a face lift although it can be performed at the same time. The neck is one of those places on the body which clearly shows the affects of the ageing process and one way of dealing with this is to undergo a neck lift. This tightens and firms loose skin around the neck which gives a clearly defined jaw line and a youthful appearance.


    Neck lift can take about two hours to complete, under a general anaesthetic. If it is performed along with a face lift then this time will increase. Overnight stay is usually needed small incisions are made underneath your chin or behind your ears. He or she will move and tighten loose folds of skin around the jaw and neck. Once he/she has done so he/she will secure this newly tightened skin with stitches or tissue glue. There are two techniques with this – platysmaplasty which corrects the neck muscles and cervicoplasty which firms and tightens loose skin. Liposuction can be used in combination with this to help remove any excess fat. In order to reduce any scarring, your surgeon may use endoscopic or keyhole techniques. The ageing process and gravity cause the skin of the neck and jaw line to lose elasticity and tone. This manifests itself as ‘age bands’ around the neck and loose folds of skin and fat around the jaw bone. This is ideal procedure for removal of this age bands. Also for the patient who has lost a large amout of weight should be combine with face lift.


    Bruising, sore and swollen and you may have to wear a special pressure garment afterwards. This will have to be worn for a week after the surgery. Scarring at the incision site but it decreases remarkably over the time nearly invisible. You will require a week (or two) off work and avoid any strenuous activities during this time. It will be month before you can return to the gym or undertake any exercise.


    Blepharoplasty may be combined with a related less aggressive procedure to give better results. The procedure primarily is directed towards repositioning of smaller single fat pad in the upper cheek area as opposed to the whole mid face.

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