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Hymen Repair

Hymen repair is a simple operation which involves excision of the torn edges before stitching them with fine dissolvable sutures. It is often performed under local anaesthetic with sedation, but can also be performed under general anesthetic.

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    Simple repair procedure: The technique involves restoration of hymen by joining together the fragments of hymen and closing the tear. The procedure is very simple and known as Hymneoplasty. The procedure should be performed at least three to seven days prior to the wedding date.
    The procedure is performed by simply pulling the tissue together. The result, however is not meant to last. Definite healing in Hymenoplasty should not be always expected and is rare because of the fact that hymen is more of an avascular part.
    Alloplant: This is a temporary measure which is performed in certain cultures shortly before the marriage. In this technique a tear through the biomaterial is inserted.
    Hymen reconstruction: In case if insufficient availability of hymnal remains, definitive repair is planned by simulating the hymnal remnants or vagina flap. The process creates vascular bands over the intro it. Hymenoplasty procedure may be performed under local anaesthesia without the need of overnight stay at the clinic.The surgical procedure is complete within a maximum of two hours. Dissolvable sutures are used and patients usually return to work the very next day.


    The actual biological usefulness of hymen in human females is still debatable. Scientists however assume that hymens functions as a protective layer to protect infants against infection. The structure of hymen is incomplete so as to let the menstrual blood flow outside body at puberty.
    Socially hymen is considered as a mythical symbol of virginity in various cultures.

    The Hymen: A thin membrane in the vagina The hymen looks like a thin delicate membrane like structure. It can be compared to the skin but is very thin in comparison and made up of fibrous elastic tissue. Hymen provides partial coverage to the vaginal opening in most human females. Hymen is actually a remnant from the vaginal membrane and the urogenital sinus left at the point of fusion after the foetus develops. In younger age group of women the hymen is more of vascular, while menopausal women have very thin hymen. Adult virgin women have hymen surrounding the vaginal opening almost completely.


    Hymens is believed to rupture normally at the instance of first intercourse or rape. However, in many young girls hymen is either dilated or torn due to various reasons:

    • During sports like bicycling, horseback riding, gymnastics etc.
    • Inserting tampons.

    Hymen tear may occur without the knowledge of a girl. This happens in cases when the hymen tear is not accompanied by blood or pain. Some girls experience very little pain and no blood loss during hymen rupture.
    Hymen may tear into two or more parts poster laterally or posteriorly. Usually hymen rupture is accompanied by slight bleeding which would stop spontaneously. In rare cases, a larger vessel may bleed profusely. The situation may sometimes lead to shock and even require blood transfusion. However, even in the situation of severe bleeding, the blood flow may be controlled by applying pressure directly to the bleeding point. In very rare cases surgical assistance is required.
    If the hymen is wide or very elastic, actual hymen laceration may not happen even after repeated coitus, most often if the penis is thin. It is not uncommon for the women to become pregnant with the intact hymen.
    Some women are born without even a trace of a hymen.

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