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Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Rejuvenation

Aging takes a natural biological course. Certain factors quicken the aging process. These include tanning beds, sunlight, smoking, improperly used makeup, skin dehydration etc. Plastic surgeons can be of great help to reverse the signs of ageing.

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    Collapsed tissues may be treated with the face lift procedure, which is very common. Through this procedure deep wrinkle, groves, and creases on the neck and face may be removed.
    Skin imperfections such as sun damage, acne scars, damage due to smoking, brown spots, shallow wrinkles may be corrected through the resurfacing method. The procedure includes use of laser or Tel Aviv mask (a buffered peel).
    Lipostructure is a procedure in which your own fat is transplanted into areas where thinning has occurred.
    Thinning is normally found under the eyes, on the cheeks, and the upper and lower lips.


    Wrinkles and loss of elasticity found especially around the eyes and mouth, leave the skin with a dull, unhealthy appearance. There are several resurfacing methods to correct this form of skin damage: laser, mechanical dermabrasion or chemical peeling.The best approach is to treat the whole face. Deep peelings used on only crowsfeet or wrinkles on the upper lip, often result in a color difference with the untreated part of the face.


    • Skin and muscle sagging
    • Loss of elasticity in the skin
    • Thinning of the skin caused by lack of subcutaneous fat


    A combination of face lift, Tel-Aviv mask and lipofilling. Most of these procedures can be combined in one session. A skin rejuvenation treatment can be followed up in a second phase following a deep facelift. Lipofilling combines perfectly with either a facelift or the Tel-Aviv mask.


    In Israel, bio-chemical research has developed a skin peeling based on Phenol.A special buffer neutralizes the Phenol as it reaches the reticular dermis.As opposed to the laser method, this method recognizes the different levels of the epidermis found on several parts of the face.
    The epidermis located in the region around the nose is much thicker than that around the eyes. This also applies for other regions of the face. The Tel-Aviv mask peels exactly down to the reticular dermis. Therefore, the epidermis is eliminated with utmost precision. With this exactness the results are uniform.
    With other peeling methods problems such as irregularity, discoloration and burning are quite common. This is because the peeling is often applied too deep or not deep enough. With the laser method the specialist determines the depth of treatment, however; it is never as precise as the Tel-Aviv buffer. With the laser the results are always dependent upon the experience of the specialist. But even with the most experienced specialist complications still occur.
    Here at the Wellness Kliniek the Tel-Aviv mask is used more and more in preference to the laser.
    A combination of the Tel-Aviv mask and a face lift.The Tel-Aviv mask is perfect for the elimination of brown spots, wrinkles found on the face, and grooves on the upper lip.


    The procedure: During an overnight hospital stay, four masks are applied to the face. The treatment for the first day is a peeling mask and a zinc oxide plaster mask. On the second day, two more masks are used. The last one, a powder mask, becomes very hard and remains on the face for seven days. On the eighth day the mask is removed. Upon removal the face is red and swollen but wrinkles and irregularities are gone.On the tenth day, and with a bit of camoufllaging makeup, you can go outside. During the summer months we advise you to use sunscreen with a high protection factor.
    After 15 years the effects of the Tel-Aviv mask are still noticeable.

    • “No general anesthesia but instead intravenous sedation”
    • “Advanced technology in the field of sedation has helped in eliminating the negative side effects due to general anesthesia given during various cosmetic procedures.”
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