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Rhinoplasty Nose Job

Nasal surgery, also known as rhinoplasty, is one of the most common cosmetic surgery on the face. Due to the protruding position of the nose in the centre of the face, the appearance can be significantly improved by rhinoplasty.

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    India is the starting point of facial plastic surgery let alone rhinoplasty surgery. it is reported that first reconstructive rhinoplasty procedure is done in India about 2500 years ago by sushruta who is the father of plastic surgery. then few rhinoplasty procedure has been mentioned for reconstructive surgery by Italy and germany but cosmetic procedure first reported was in early part of 19th century. In the early part the rhinoplasty procedure were very basic and involves closed technique and mainly reduction or destructive procedure.since then the rhinoplasty surgery has many new technique with definite outcome all the work which was being done was in central europe and there the surgeon was doing reduction procedure for large noses, like hump, wide base.these were basic technique of plastic surgery i.e to cut a part to make it small .


    Unfortunately, the nose is not well tolerated in terms of excessive reduction of any component of the nose during rhinoplasty. This is similar to a house. Once too many important beams, gables or other important structural parts of the frame are cut, weakened or demolished, the house usually collapses. The exact same thing can happen when the surgical nose works to gradually reduce the important parts of the nose’s beam and structure. Since the skin takes time to contract, and the load-bearing parts that are now losing stability are degraded due to lack of scars and strain, the collapse does not immediately appear. Therefore, the results after nasal surgery usually do not look bad, but the collapse due to excessive reduction becomes apparent after a few months. The infamous “over-operational” look. The bridge is too low, the tip is too sharp, it bends too far up, and there is no real obvious break between the bridge and the tip. Patients have more difficulty breathing after surgery than before. Only a few of the best rhinoplasty surgeons can reliably correct the “over-operative” nose caused by rhinoplasty and excessively reduce the structure of the nose, which in turn causes instability of the bridge of the nose.
    it was in mid-seventies there was change in concept from destructive rhinoplasty to art of nose correction surgery. It was now understood that balancing the nose is more important than reducing the size. it was now getting understood to strengthen the cartilage then reduce. Gradually the results improve and nose surgery aesthetic part now days the the technique involves rearranging the structure to the desired shape. it involves first the septum to be made midline and should have firm support the the upper lateral cartilage and then the lower lateral cartilage to be brought together and height adjusted with the dorsal and adding cartilage from other part of body if required. This is to enhance the look and improve the function. The technique total is called nasal framework correction rather than rhinoplasty and each and every part of the framework is bought together individually in correct alignment to give good result.
    Modern nose surgery can achieve a more natural effect, making the nose and face more coordinated, allowing the patient to breathe a good nose, and most importantly, to avoid complications and re-operations to the greatest extent possible.


    You may feel self-conscious and feel that your entire face is not harmonious. You may not even breathe well and feel unhappy.
    Getting a nose job Dr. S.S. Gambhir is the single most effective and long-established method to help you show the best possible condition and better breathing than ever before.

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