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Male Nose Job Surgery

Prior to rhinoplasty, the surgeon should ensure the patient fully understands the procedure and its risks and benefits. While rhinoplasty is a safe procedure, it’s important that the surgery is done by an expert.

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    Male rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job or nose surgery, is becoming common worldwide. This enables men to reopen the nose, increasing facial beauty. In addition, rhinoplasty helps men to fix structural defects in the nose, including those with a deviated septum or those with breathing issues.
    The Center for Facial Plastic Surgery is proud to offer male rhinoplasty treatment Delhi Dr. Swaroop Singh Gambhir is a board Certified Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon. He Has been Trained in India And Abroad. He Had His Basic Training in Delhi Lok Nayak Hospital associated Maulana Azad Medical College and then his fellowship in Hand & Microsurgery from Coimbotore and then Hair Transplant Training from Boston USA. He is the man behind the Delhi Rhinoplasty Course being held in Sir Ganga Ram hospital every year. He has organized many courses in Cosmetic surgey procedures and plastic surgery procedures. He is at present the Professor & Senior Consultant in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. He has published Many paper and has been a faculty in many workshop and conferences. He helps men with skills and experience achieve the best rhinoplasty treatment results.


    With male rhinoplasty, men can ensure the nose, cheeks, chin, eyes and other facial features. Rhinoplasty has been shown to help men increase facial symmetry, improve the shape and / or size of the nose, reduce the appearance of imperfections on the bridge of the nose, and eliminate the “bulbous tip” of the nose.
    Rhinoplasty is a complex procedure, and as such, must be performed by a specialist. In this way, men can receive comprehensive assistance in whole nasal surgery and feel confident that they can achieve their desired treatment results.
    Dr. Swaroop Singh has a deep attitude towards rhinoplasty in serious men. He will meet a person, discuss options for nasal surgery and answer any concerns and questions. As a result, men are better equipped to make informed decisions about nasal surgery after initial rhinoplasty consultation.


    Male rhinoplasty surgery addresses specific facial features of men. It is a comprehensive facial plastic surgery that helps a patient to masculine the nose to improve facial appearance.
    The male nose usually has a prominent, straight bridge and the tip of the nose at a 95 to 100-degree angle between the nose and upper lip. In comparison, the female nose often has a soft bridge and acute angle with the upper lip.
    Also, in many cases, a man has a high bridge in his nose and is wider than a woman’s nose. A man’s nose usually has a larger tip than a woman’s nose.
    Male rhinoplasty is adapted to a man’s facial features. This ensures that a patient can benefit from an aesthetically pleasing nose that promotes a masculine appearance.
    To help masculine the nose of a male rhinoplasty patient, Dr. Swaroop Singh first does a deep consultation. He then assesses a patient’s nose and learns about the goals of his nasal surgery. Subsequently, Dr. Swaroop Singh developed a custom nose job treatment plan to suit the needs of patients.


    Although male and female rhinoplasty procedures are similar, the aesthetic goals associated with these nasal surgeries are different. Men often undergo rhinoplasty surgery to straighten the bridge of the nose and increase the width between the nostrils. In comparison, women often undergo nasal surgery, which is too wide Dr. Swaroop Singh Gambhir performs both male and female rhinoplasty procedures. He adapts nasal surgery to each patient and a rhinoplasty ensures that a patient is helped to achieve a balanced and natural-looking facial appearance.


    There are several benefits associated with male rhinoplasty, including:

    Improved nasal symmetry: A person can experience the benefits of a natural-looking nose that matches the face. Repair of structural defects in the nose: In many instances, male nasal surgery is performed to address structural defects in the nose and also the function.

    Increased self-confidence : Male nasal surgery can improve a patient’s facial texture, which leads to Although male rhinoplasty offers many long-lasting benefits, it is important to note that a patient may need several months before treatment results are seen.

    Dr. Swaroop Singh Gambhir will present details about what patients should expect from a male rhinoplasty treatment. He will help create a personalized plan for nasal surgery and establish realistic treatment goals.the male skin is thicker than female so the result are apparent after about 6 to 7 months


    Male rhinoplasty represents a major cosmetic surgery, and the decision to undergo nasal function should not be taken lightly. Fortunately, Drs. Swaroop Singh Gambhir will conduct a comprehensive patient analysis to determine if a person is a viable candidate for nasal surgery.
    During a male rhinoplasty consultation, Drs. Swaroop Singh Gambhir will examine a person’s facial features. A person may prove to be a viable candidate for rhinoplasty if he exhibits any of the following facial features:
    • A bridge that is too high or too low
    • Short, inverted nose tip
    • Great nose tip
    • Dorsal hump
    • Wide or fluffy nose
    • A nose that is too wide or too narrow
    • Droop nose
    • Sharp nose
    Dr. Swaroop Singh Gambhir will dedicate the necessary time and resources to explain how male nasal surgery is performed. By doing so, he can teach a person about all aspects of male rhinoplasty.

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